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Now taking bookings for the Season of Mist month long online course/workshop, starting October 1st 2018

In this new online poetry workshop/course we’ll look at change and how it affects us. We’ll look at change in the seasons, in nature, in animals and plants, we’ll look at the frustrations of a changing society, and the way that we are manipulated by societal pressures. We’ll look at our own personal stories of change, our own anger and our own acceptance, and we’ll write warrior poems and celebration poems and poems that tell it how it is. Each week there will be a ‘lesson plan’ in which we’ll look at a poem or two by published, emerging and established authors and we’ll work our week’s writing around them. Each day you will receive a writing prompt directly to your inbox. You’ll also be invited to join a closed facebook group, which is by invitation only, and is a safe place to share poems and chat to other course participants.

Because this is a straightforward, no pressure workshop, I want to encourage people of all abilities and experience. I want to make these fun courses which are accessible even for people on a low budget. The fee for the whole thing is just £10, I need to cover my own time and I think this is a low enough amount that most people can save for it or afford it. There is a limited number of places and the previous course proved popular, so if you can you are best off booking ASAP.

You don’t need to be in the facebook group, lots of the previous course participants did not join the facebook group, nor do you need to produce anything finished, or anything at all for that matter. The prompts are there for you to choose to use or not, there is no pressure at all.

The fee for the course is an up front payment of £10, payable by PayPal. Once payment has been made you can request to join the closed Facebook group. The group is not going to be officially active until October 1st but if you could just post a ‘hello’ and your name post I’d appreciate it, just so that I can make sure the technical aspects are working well.

As I’ve said before, you DO NOT need to be in the Facebook group to take part in the course, it’s not for everyone and quite understandable if you are just wanting to see what you can get from the course without it.


  1. Go to PayPal and make a payment of £10 to  please add a note containing the email address you wish the course details to come to. Please do let me know if paypal isn’t an option for you and we’ll sort something out.
  2. I will send a brief welcome letter to that address to make sure the address works, this will also contain a link to the closed Facebook group, so don’t panic if you can’t find it on facebook.
  3. Go to facebook and search for the Season of Mist poetry group, (or use the link I will send you) the group will be under ‘groups’ on the left hand side bar of your home page. Request to join. If you can’t find it, or there are any problems, drop me a line at and we’ll get it all sorted out before the course starts.
  4. That’s it. It should be quite straight forward, but again, let me know if you have any questions or are experiencing any problems and I’ll endeavour to get it all started.
  5. The lesson plans and the daily prompts will arrive as a daily email. It’s a good way to make sure you do a little bit of thinking and writing daily, rather than becoming bogged down in all the imagined work still to come.

Have fun!


Spaces are limited, so please book as early as possible.