“Working on a poetry collection with Wendy, I found her sympathetic, supportive and encouraging. At the same time, her suggestions and criticisms were clear and direct, and she was unafraid to let me know when I needed to ‘kill my darlings’. During our work together, the collection took on a much more definite form and her prompts enabled me to add to it in a focused way – exactly what I wanted from the experience.”

Mike Farren


The Wild Within, August 2018

“Wendy Pratt’s The Wild Within course is brilliant value – her stimulus poems, weekly rationales, and imaginative daily prompts will inspire both beginners and established poets. One of the best tenners I’ve spent!”

Chris Kinsey

‘I took this course – The Wild Within – during August 2018, the aim of which was to produce a poem every day from nature related prompts. Prior to the course I believed that I would never be able to write a poem every day and had little experience and enthusiasm for writing about nature. Both these assumptions were quickly dispelled.


Every day another interesting prompt – backed up by weekly notes that put the whole course into perspective with references to established writers and poetic styles. 


It was a bit like going into a shop and buying a packet of poetry seeds – everyday to see them growing into the possibility of new poems. Some came out like rather weak seedlings but some, I am sure, will flourish into beautiful poems with the right amount of post course tender care.


Thank you Wendy a wonderful month of writing – and  – here’s to the next course!!!’

Tina Cole

“A wonderful course which offered daily opportunities for new conversations with your creative self. Excellent, detailed prompts, supported by excellent exemplar material (poems and suggested reference points). A friendly, mutually supportive Facebook group, overseen by a very positive and proactive workshop leader.”

Isabel Palmer

“The Wild Within course has  been amazing. I’ve hardly written any poetry since my collection, Blink came out, but in a month of daily prompts I’ve managed viable first drafts of about twenty poems, and I’ll keep the prompts I haven’t responded to yet for when the course is over. I’m very pleased that with a little work I’ll have some poems to send out. Wendy’s prompts are extremely helpful, her longer weekly lessons are thorough and based on good examples of published poems and the Facebook group is supportive. I hadn’t expected I’d want to post my drafts to it, but in the end I enjoyed doing it and reading other participants’ poems; I also found the groups’ comments thoughtful and helpful. Wendy’s presence in the course is caring and nurturing. I’ll certainly be signing up for further courses.”
Jacqui Rowe